25 Nov 2016 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog, Skills

The challenge of choosing a career….

We know that choosing a career and finding the right job can be a real challenge for young people. Even for those that have a firm idea of their direction of travel, it can be hard to get on that first rung of the ladder.

For employers, it can be just as frustrating. Sometimes they have jobs available that they just cannot fill. This could be down to a number of reasons such as the job needs specialist skills and they can’t find anyone with that skill set, or maybe the job is in an industry that’s not ‘cool’, so there’s less enthusiasm to get in to that field of work.

Our aim here at the LLEP is to try and cut down on what we call this ‘mismatch of skills’. We know there are jobs out there, but how do we bring together employers looking for people with the right skills, with people looking for work and young people about to embark on the big, daunting world of work?

It’s certainly a challenge…..but one that the LLEP has committed to take action to help address.

There’s been a great deal of time and energy invested in this over the years by the team and our partners. I wanted to particularly highlight a couple of excellent pieces of work produced very recently.

One is a research piece named ‘Skills for the Future‘ which provides an insight into what employers in our area say they need in terms of people, jobs and skills in the future. Click here to read the report.

The second piece:”What Work Leicestershire‘ is a guide for young people about many of the industries in the LLEP area, to help to inform them about future career opportunities. There’s some extensive research gone in to the types of businesses and sectors in the local area including different local work sectors, the numbers of people employed in those areas, which jobs are in demand, the skills that employers value and what employers look for in prospective employees.

This is a useful tool for partners and schools careers services and a lot of the information will be helpful to those working with adults too. Click here to see the guide plus all sorts of useful information about careers. Printed copies of the guide are available from Anna Cyhan.

There has also been some really useful events to support local schools around skills and employability, including an ‘Embedding Employability’ teachers and careers leads training day, a Low Carbon Careers Fair and our massive and very exciting, first Careers Speed Networking Event  – both the latter two being held during the Leicester Business Festival.

Interestingly, the Low Carbon sector is going to be one that will have massive potential and loads of opportunities as far as careers and jobs go, moving forwards…!

For more information on anything we do on a skills front, go to the ‘Investing in our people‘ section on this website where there’s loads of useful information and advice on skills, choosing a career, apprenticeships and much more.

For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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