Our SEP refresh

Update on the Strategic Economic Plan refresh 

The Leicester and Leicestershire Economic Partnership (LLEP) is currently refreshing its main Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for the next five year period.

The SEP is the overarching strategy document for the LLEP area and sets out the shared economic vision and ambitions for Leicester and Leicestershire within the context of national, regional and local economic policy. It also outlines the main strategic objectives, priorities and interventions on which the LLEP and its partners will focus their resources in future years.

The refresh process is being led by Regeneris Consulting, who are currently in the process of preparing a draft SEP document for public consultation.

Due to the recent General Election, the public consultation period for the new SEP has now been postponed until the autumn of 2017. The revised timescales for the completion of the refresh process are as follows:

  • September 2017: Completion of the SEP consultation document
  • October 2017: Endorsement of the SEP consultation document by the LLEP Board
  • October 2017: Start of online consultation
  • October 2017: Public consultation event
  • November 2017: End of online consultation
  • December 2017: Approval of the new SEP by the LLEP Board
  • January to March 2018: Ratification of the new SEP by the local authorities
  • April 2018: Launch of the new SEP

For further information about the SEP refresh, please contact Mike Durban, Head of Strategy (email mike.durban@llep.org.uk).