Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)

Our SEP is our key overarching growth strategy that sets out how we intend to bring together our European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF) Strategy, City Deal and our Growth Deal to build on our competitive advantages and tackle the major risks to our economy.

This Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) provides the framework for achieving our vision by investing in our Place, our Businesses and in our People.

  • Investing in our Place to unlock key development sites and improve public realm and connectivity to enable the efficient transport of people and goods
  • Investing in our Businesses by providing a comprehensive business support service for our SMEs to accelerate growth of our priority sectors
  • Investing in our People to equip local people with the relevant skills that our businesses need

We have committed to delivering flagship programmes for each theme.

Our City Deal will deliver our flagship programmes for Businesses (The LLEP Business Gateway) and People (Leicester & Leicestershire Employment and Skills Hub).

The Growth Deal will provide the resources to deliver our Place flagship programme – Infrastructure to support our Growth Areas and Transformational Priorities.

A copy of the full SEP is (7.3MB) is available to download below. Alternatively, a summary document (1.6MB is also available.


SEP Summary (1.77 MB)
SEP Full Document (7.33 MB)