Midlands Connect

The LLEP is one of 11 LEPs, which, along with 28 local authorities from across the Midlands region, form the Midlands Connect Partnership.

The Partnership and the Department for Transport are together developing a transport strategy that identifies the major infrastructure projects needed to improve the connectivity of our region’s key locations so we can help drive economic growth and power the Midlands Engine.

There is currently extensive research under way and the final strategy is due to be published in March 2017.

The Midlands regions has huge economic potential. With a population of 11.5 million, 14 cities, 20 world-class universities and two international airports, our economy is worth £222 billion to the UK.

Improving transport links to speed up journey times across the Midlands can secure a £1 billion-a-year boost to the regional economy, create 300,000 additional jobs and save businesses nearly £500 million.

Read more about Midlands Connect on the MC website: www.midlandsconnect.uk or download the MC Transport Strategy Brochure below.


Midlands Connect Transport Strategy Brochure (1.62 MB)