Our Local Industrial Strategy

What are Local Industrial Strategies?

Within the Industrial Strategy, the Government stated that it would work in partnership with places to develop and agree a Local Industrial Strategy to establish new ways of working between national and local leaders in the public and private sectors.

Local Industrial Strategies will be long-term, based on clear evidence and aligned to the national Industrial Strategy.

Setting out our priorities

They will set out clearly defined priorities for how towns, cities and rural areas will maximise their contribution to UK productivity. They will allow places to make the most of their distinctive strengths and will better coordinate economic policy at a local level to ensure greater collaboration across boundaries.

Local Industrial Strategies will help to inform local choices, prioritise local action and, where appropriate, help to inform decisions at a national level. They will also inform the allocation of any future local growth funding deployed through Local Enterprise Partnerships.

To guide the development of Local Industrial Strategies, in October 2018 the Government published a Policy Prospectus.

How will the Leicester and Leicestershire Local Industrial Strategy be developed?

The first stage of preparing the Leicester and Leicestershire Local Industrial Strategy will be to develop a robust and open evidence base. This will draw out the relative strengths and weaknesses of the local economy, with an emphasis on increasing productivity.

To develop the evidence base, we will undertake a series of reviews of existing evidence based around the five Foundations of Productivity included within the national Industrial Strategy.

A call for evidence – have your say

To ensure that all economic development stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute to the evidence base, we issued a public call for evidence in December 2018. This allowed organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors to submit information and views that they believe should be taken into consideration when preparing the Local Industrial Strategy.

We will use our evidence base to prepare a series of emerging priorities for Leicester and Leicestershire. These will address the identified strengths and weaknesses within the local economy and will highlight future opportunities to enhance productivity.

Having tested our emerging priorities, we will then prepare a draft Local Industrial Strategy.

Following public consultation, we will consider the feedback provided and then prepare a final version of the Local Industrial Strategy. This will be agreed by the LLEP Board and Government before being published early in 2020.

How can I get involved?

To be successful, our Local Industrial Strategy must be developed from the bottom up and led by those who best know the needs of the local economy.

There are a number of different ways you can get involved with the development of the Local Industrial Strategy and help shape its contents and priorities.

Take part in our Public Consultation

During the summer of 2019, we will undertake a public consultation on our draft Local Industrial Strategy.  We will post further information on how to respond to the public consultation when our draft Local Industrial Strategy has been prepared.

When will the Leicester and Leicestershire Local Industrial Strategy be completed?

The Government has stated that it will aim to agree a Local Industrial Strategy with all places in England by early 2020.

Further information

For further information about the Leicester and Leicestershire Local Industrial Strategy, please email strategy@llep.org.uk.


Local Industrial Strategy Prospectus (1.96 MB)
Local Industrial Strategy for Leicester and Leicestershire (315.98 KB)
Building Our Industrial Strategy – Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership Response (1.25 MB)