ESIF covers a programming period from 2014-2020. The funds consist of European Regional Development fund (ERDF), European Social Fund (ESF), and part of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

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Headline actions

The following headline actions show how we will support the Europe 2020 priorities of delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and the level of contribution we can make to the five key EU Targets of increasing employment, increasing investment in Research and Development, ameliorating climate change and improving energy sustainability, improving educational standards and fighting poverty.

  • To generate around 2,300 new jobs for Leicester and Leicestershire
  • To stimulate innovation in the sectors that Leicester and Leicestershire already has a competitive advantage and to make the most of our medium and long term economic opportunities. We will also work with our knowledge-based institutions, including the private sector, the three local Universities and FE Colleges, to transfer their world class knowledge to local businesses and help to stimulate the economic growth in our emerging priority sectors (which include aerospace and low carbon environmental technologies)
  • To support over 6,000 businesses, including helping almost 1,000 new start businesses, helping to improve the survival rates of local businesses, supporting their growth and diversifying the economic base towards more innovation, exports and higher value commodities and services
  • To engage over 31,000 individuals and provide them with skills development and employability support to expand labour market participation and to enhance the supply of skills to the local economy
  • To support rural areas to contribute more to growth and develop balanced, inclusive and sustainable economies through better opportunities to access innovation and support, enhancing the use of ICT in rural businesses and ensuring local people have the right skills to drive growth
  • To support inclusive economic growth within some of the disadvantaged urban areas of the City and County, encouraging more businesses and employment within the context of a more balanced economy
  • To invest in a low carbon economy to increase productivity, economic resilience and to support innovation in companies.

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Guide to LLEP’s ESIF Programme 2014- 2020 (176.42 KB)