19 Nov 2018 | Category: LLEP News

Samworth Brothers donate vehicle to grow logistics in Uganda

The Leicestershire-based company Samworth Brothers are perhaps most famous for Ginsters Cornish Pasties. However one of their trucks recently found itself just about as far away from Cornwall as you can get.

Samworth Brothers have donated an HGV to Transaid. The vehicle is now being used in Uganda as part of the Professional Driver Training – Uganda (PDT-U) project.

There is a growing need for qualified HGV drivers in Uganda, as the country grows its logistics network. By donating a MAN truck to the PDT-U project, Samworth Brothers have contributed to the education of up to 4,000 new drivers.

Neil Rettie is a Road Safety Project manager. He had this to say:

“We anticipate a massive demand for high quality professional driver training in Uganda and we are so thrilled to welcome each new driver that expresses an interest in training with the PDT-U school.

“The benefits for the transport industry in Uganda from the PDT-U school truly shows how much of an impact Transaid’s Professional Driver Training projects are having in sub-Saharan Africa and how important this cause is to communities. The Uganda initiative was officially launched in 2017, and already the support it has received in the form of vehicle donations has been excellent.”

The MAN truck has taken its place as part of a fleet of vehicles in use by the PDT-U project.


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