North City Centre Accessibility Improvement Programme

Project Summary

A programme of linked transport and public realm improvement works which comprise several individual schemes.  The work includes highway improvement and upgrading of cycle and pedestrian facilities. This will help to enhance traffic flow for buses leaving Leicester city centre, link with the Abbey Meadows regeneration area, and improve accessibility to the Golden Mile.

The scheme located between Charles Street and Belgrave Gate to the north of the city centre includes outputs of pedestrian and cycle improvements at Abbey Meadows Lane, on Abbey Park Road and on Belgrave Gate which along with a new bridge over the canal at Charter Street will link the city centre and Abbey Meadows regeneration area.

Together this represents improvements to some 1.6 km of road space for pedestrians and cyclists along with improvements to the public realm. The programme also includes highway improvement and upgrading of cycle and pedestrian facilities for approximately 2.25km of the A607 Melton Road/Belgrave Road corridor.


Project Stats

Project sponsors Leicester City Council
LLEP investment £8.96 million
Project status Ongoing
Start date April 2015
End date February 2020


Project Outcomes

Total length of resurfaced roads: 38km
Total length of newly built roads: 0.1km
Total length of new cycle ways: 7km/1.98km (1 side/2 sides)
Footway improved: 1.99km/3.39km (1 side/2 sides)
New footway created: 0.44km
Area of site reclaimed, (re)developed or assembled: 10ha
Length of shop front environment: 2.25km

Through enhancing accessibility and attractiveness of the area, and by achieving the above outcomes, it is anticipated that the project will indirectly contribute towards longer-term impacts such as attracting businesses (or businesses retained), increased expenditure in city centre retail outlets, investment/development, jobs and GVA.