Lubbesthorpe Strategic Employment Site

Project Summary

This project is located around M1/J21 extending south along the B4114 to the Strategic Employment Sites (SES) access point on Leicester Lane and involves providing the ability to travel from Leicester Lane southbound on the B4114, and an access junction from Leicester Lane to the SES. The access junction and Leicester Lane/B4114 junction directly support the delivery of an estimated 1,600 jobs at the SES site.

Without the project, transport modelling has shown that congestion levels in and around M1 junction 21 will increase markedly, affecting the efficient operation of existing businesses and having the potential to detract inward investment opportunities and people visiting Leicester for leisure and tourism purposes.

Project Sponsors: Leicestershire County Council

LLEP Investment: £3.25m

Project Status: Completed

Start Date:  April 2016

End Date:    March 2017


These improvements will support the efficient operation of existing businesses in the area and assist future growth and regeneration. It will improve the capacity of the existing road network for local residents and support the early delivering of housing and employment on the new Lubbesthorpe site.

  • Directly support the delivery of 1,600 jobs at the SES
  • Unlock the delivery of the 4,250 houses at New Lubbesthorpe
  • The SES access junction will directly support the delivery of the SES, 84,000m² of commercial floorspace
  • Reduced travel time and fuel savings due to the improvements on Leicester Lane/B4114
  • The Leicester Lane/B4114 improvements will lead to improved accessibility for travellers to and from the SES

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