Connecting Leicester (Market Area)

Project Summary

This initiative is the second wave of investment in Leicester city centre as part of the Connecting Leicester programme.

The emphasis of the project is on:

  1. Providing an improvement to the market and commercial space in the area, supporting the cultural quarter.
  2. Improving pedestrian access and bus routes into Leicester city centre.

the Connecting Leicester programme has improved the quality of the public realm and accessibility across the city centre, and increased footfall around shops, restaurants and commercial venues. Further investment is required to maintain and improve Leicester’s public realm, from the LLEP, the city council and from the private sector.

The southern sector of the city centre is suffering economically for a number of reasons including the movement of the retail emphasis in the City Centre to the north-west (Highcross) area, the impact of the recession and the closure of New Walk Centre.  This project will address these issues.

Project stats

Project sponsors Leicester City Council
LLEP investment £7.2m
Project status Ongoing
Start date December 2015
End date March 2021


Project Outcomes

Total length of resurfaced roads 0.365km
Total length of new cycle ways 0.724km
Total length of new bus routes 65km
New offices and workspace 966m²
Area of site reclaimed, redeveloped or assembled 11,430m²
Jobs connected to the project 811
Follow-on investment at the site £29.6m
Area of land released for development 1.7 acres
Enhancements to the central area of Leicester, particularly around the market, are expected to lead to additional investment (private and public) in the area, and have a positive impact on jobs and GVA. This will partly be achieved through increased take-up of currently vacant units for retail, residential and leisure purposes.


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