A511/M1 junction 22 and the A511/A42 junction 13

Project Summary

Improvements have been made to the A511/M1 junction 22 and the A511/A42 junction 13. They were required to meet planning conditions in order to allow land to be released for housing development.

Transport infrastucture is now in place support housing and employment growth in the Coalville corridor. Improvements at these key junctions have been developed in advance of this planned growth and will help alleviate its impacts.


Project Stats

Project sponsors Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council
LLEP investment £4.64 million
Project status Completed
Start date April 2015
Completion date September 2017


Project Outcomes

Support for the efficient operation of existing businesses in North West Leicestershire and support for future growth and regeneration.
Increase in capacity of the A511/A42 and A511/M1 junctions, accommodating traffic growth associated with developments in Coalville and Ashby.
The conditions are now in place to allow for 5,000 new homes to be built in Coalville and Ashby.


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