Optimus Point

Name of project: Glenfield Park, Kirby Road/Ratby Lane GPF1 (Optimus Point)

Theme of project: Site Access (new roads)

Details of project:

  • £2.7m for the delivery of signalisation and associated widening at three of the five arms of the A46 / A50 junction [£1.02m from the GPF loan] was completed on 20th December 2013
  • £0.35m of accessibility improvements [£0.22m from the GPF loan] to the site through enhancements to the National Cycle Network (NCN) ‘Ivanhoe’ route between Ratby and Glenfield were completed on 11th April 2014
  • £0.05m for the delivery of traffic calming to Elm Tree Avenue improvements [£0.05m from the GPF loan] to deter through movements between the development and the city centre through the residential area was completed on 21st April 2016
  • £0.33m is allocated for the delivery of capacity improvements at the Ratby Lane / Wembley Road signal junction has yet to be completed.  Delays have been due to design issues and booking of road space whilst other works are taking place.

Additional Comments:

  • 250 mixed housing units have been built of which approx. 220 are occupied.
  • The commercial development has attracted some well-known brands (Everards, Boden), which in turn is likely to make the remaining commercial space more desirable.


Glenfield Park Aerial view