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Further Pathways to Further Education (FE) Teaching

Further Pathways to FE is a unique project, funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to promote teaching in Further Education as a career option and encourage final year undergraduates to consider a career in the sector.

It is an exciting opportunity for FE providers to invite graduates into their organisations, showcasing the diverse and rewarding career opportunities that exist in the sector and is open to FE providers in six key locations, and their surrounding areas: London, Leicester, Manchester, Cambridge, Bristol and Birmingham.

How does it work?
• By working with providers in each of the named areas to provide work placements for final year undergraduate students in March and April.
• You will need to offer 40 hours of work experience, which will involve a variety of activities such as assisting with teaching, planning lessons, etc. in order to give a realistic and supported introduction to FE.
• In return, providers will receive £300 per placement.
• Students will be recruited and matched with the most appropriate placement.
• You will provide a named member of staff who will act as the link for the placements.
• Guidance will be provided around the shape of the 40 hour placement, and the mentoring support required.

The Benefits
• Raise the profile of FE
• Establish a potential pipeline of entrants to the FE sector
•Encourage HE institutions to promote opportunities in FE teaching
•Provide undergraduates with an understanding of the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a career in FE as well as increase their employability skills
• Develop stronger links and partnership working between FE and HE

Interested in being involved in this project?
Please fill in an application form by visiting http://bit.ly/2BLLebE.

The closing date for applications to be received is no later than 5 pm on 30th March 2018. For further information or questions, please email: jrichards@cognitioneducation.com

Further pathways to FE teaching flyer 

For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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