LeicsmapThe LLEP area encompasses the City of Leicester and the County of Leicestershire located in the heart of the East Midlands.

Our SEP sets out how we intend to tackle the major risks to our economy including how we intend to equip local people with the relevant skills that our businesses need in order to reduce worklessness.  Information relating to the Leicester and Leicestershire area can also be accessed via the links below.


The links below relate to the following:

Economic Profile:  Produced on an annual  basis the LLEP Economic Profile provides an understanding of the different facets of the local economy by pulling together data from national data sources.  Brought together these provide a sapshot of the area.

Economic Profile

Labour Market Dashboard:  Produced on a monthly basis the LLEP Labour market profile provides an understanding of employment, unemployment, claimant rates etc.


All information contained in the above can also be accessed for local authority and district areas.


LLEP Area – Economic Profile 2020 (885.99 KB)
LLEP Area – Labour Market Dashboard (461.00 KB)
Indicator Set (121.89 KB)
Labour Market Dashboard Data (611.14 KB)