22 May 2019 | Time: 8:00 am - 10:30 am

Manufacturing and Engineering Forum


Nylacast World Headquarters
480 Thurmaston Boulevard
Nylacast World Headquarters
480 Thurmaston Boulevard, Leicester, LE4 9LN

The Manufacturing and Engineering Forum provides a platform to address specific issues relating to the sector, allowing the sharing of best practice, to hear from exemplar organisations and to participate in relevant discussion topics.

This event is kindly hosted by Nylacast at their new world headquarters. Nylacast are a world leading innovator in the design, development and supply of precision engineered solutions, providing expertise and value for key industries through two distinct divisions: Nylacast Automotive and Nylacast Engineered Products.


  • Welcome from Nylacast
  • Digitalisation for SMEs – Tim Andrews, Senior Advisor, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

Tim will provide delegates with a broad overview of Digitalising manufacturing (Industry4.0), some of the technologies avaialbe and being developed and their application for today’s challenges. THe presentation will also include practical steps SMEs can take to embrace digitalisation, including how the MTC can support this process.

  • Are you selling your customers what they really want? – Dr Michael Provost, Michael Provost Consulting

The presentation starts by asking this fundamental question – having pointed out that all physical products, no matter how sophisticated, are now commodities. He then explains why manufacturers should rethink their business models to focus on selling what the physical assets that they make do, rather than what they are. The benefits of this revised approach to business (called Servitization or Service Infusion) are discussed, via the results of academic research, a short story based on his experience and a quantified example. An overview of the required business development activities is presented, followed by a ‘call to action’ to all manufacturers to move from just making ‘widgets’ to building closer, more long-term and solutions-based relationships with their customers that competitors cannot match, before they are overwhelmed by low-cost foreign competition.

Michael is a published author, detail of his book can be found here Servitization and Physical Asset Management 

  • Update and overview of the East Midlands Manufacturing Zone (MAZ)

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