26 Jan 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Making compliance easy

As a business – whether you are already trading or just starting up, being compliant with the law and all the necessary regulations can seem a daunting task. But it need not be.

The LLEP Business Gateway provides all the information and contacts you will need to get started – or to check out whether you are doing the right thing.

There are lots of things to consider. You might want to find out if planning permission is necessary, how to carry out a fire risk assessment or ensure your policies ensure your workers are treated fairly and considerately, for example.

From help on national insurance and employment rules, to environmental health, planning, licensing and health and safety, it’s all there, only a click away.

By being compliant, your business is better protected and you can minimise expensive corrective costs later. Getting it right first time will help your business become successful and grow, protect your customers and your reputation. It also helps Leicester and Leicestershire to be known as a good place to do business.

Visit the Business Gateway website for all the information and contacts that you will need on being compliant.

Remember – your local regulators are well placed to provide the best local information and guidance. Use them – they all offer FREE advice!

A national support helpline offering general help to both new and existing businesses is also available. The number to call is: 0300 456 3536

For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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