14 Aug 2020 | Category: LLEP News

What Next? Post 16-18 provision compiled in virtual providers marketplace

The LLEP’s Careers Hub and Enterprise Adviser Network team has been working with local schools, colleges, universities and training providers to help schools careers leaders and advisers understand the range of provision available to their post 16 and 18 students.

The careers teams within schools are responsible for ensuring that all their young people have a destination on completing their GCSE and A Level exams and getting the results.

Usually, there would a wide range of open days and events to attend for both students and parents to make informed decisions about what the best next steps are for them. However, during the Coronavirus pandemic this activity has been halted with the need to reduce social contact and prevent large gatherings of people.

The Careers Hub and Enterprise Adviser team decided to fill the gap and invited colleges, universities and alternative providers (e.g. apprenticeships) to participate in a virtual providers marketplace via video conferencing.  The event gave each provider a scheduled 20 minute slot to talk about their offer to students. Careers leaders and advisers were invited to watch and participate in a Q&A session at the end of each presentation.

Following the success of virtual providers marketplace day, the Careers Hub and Enterprise Adviser Network team have compiled a collection of videos on the LLEP’s YouTube channel about the offers to students from local colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers.  The videos cover key information regarding qualifications on offer, virtual open days, activity on results days and virtual campus tours.

You can view the videos here www.youtube.com/playlist-Post 16 Virtual Provider Marketplace



For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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