10 Sep 2020 | Category: LLEP News

14 Leicestershire businesses nominated for Midland Tech 50 ranking

More than 100 companies have been shortlisted for potential inclusion in the Midlands Tech 50 innovation ranking for 2020.  

Fourteen Leicestershire-based businesses have been nominated. They are:

  • Blue Sky International
  • Dead Happy
  • Ebate
  • European Thermodynamics
  • Hive Composites
  • Holovis
  • Journeo
  • Magna Parva
  • Navitas
  • Rare
  • Thin Cats
  • Wearable Technologies

Alongside a panel of independent judges, public votes will determine the 50 firms based in the region which are creating the most innovative new tech for consumers, business and society at large. 

Reader voting begins today and will run for seven days, ending at 23:59 on Sunday 13th September.  

On the voting page  you can check out the names of the 117 shortlisted companies, where they are based and a short description of what they do.  

The final 50 ranking will be published on 30th September 


For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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