13 Nov 2019 | Category: LLEP News

Leicester in top 10 cities report

Leicester City skyline at sunset

Leicester is ranked No. 10 in the Good Growth for Cities 2019 report released on 12 November.

The index of 10 indicators, against which the UK’s largest cities are measured, was developed by PWC and the think tank Demos in the aftermath of the financial crisis following a need to look beyond GDP headlines to measure economic success.

The 10 indicators are those that the public thinks most important when it comes to economic wellbeing. Factors like jobs, income, skills and health are the most important factors in the eyes of the public, alongside housing, transport, income distribution, work-life balance, business start-ups and the environment.

Overall the Good Growth for Cities 2019 report shows continued broad improvements across cities in the UK, driven in particular by falling unemployment rates and increases in new businesses.

Read the full Good Growth for Cities 2019 report

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