Leicester Urban Area

Growth Area 1 – Leicester Urban Area

Leicester is the largest city in the East Midlands and the Urban Area had the fourth fastest rate of population growth of any city area between 2002 and 2012.

Leicester lies at the economic heart of the LLEP area and substantial growth is planned over the next ten years. Leicester city centre provides the focus in the LLEP area for employment, shopping, leisure and cultural activities.

Step changes in the quality of the public realm and improved accessibility are essential to create the conditions required for a thriving city centre which is fundamental to economic success in Leicester and Leicestershire.

The regeneration of former industrial areas and development of infrastructure both present considerable challenges. However, creating the right conditions for economic growth in Leicester will provide opportunities to deliver around 24,000 new homes and 140 hectares for business and commercial use.

Transformational Priority – The Leicester Launchpad 

This focuses on the City Centre/Waterside/Abbey Meadows area of the City and has the potential to deliver significant housing and employment development on former industrial land within and in close proximity to the city centre. It will provide highly attractive development opportunities, particularly along the River Soar Waterside.

Leicester Launchpad is identified in the Leicester City Core Strategy as the Strategic Regeneration Area for housing and employment development as well as city centre investment and growth. But development has been prevented from coming forward at the rate expected in recent years owing to the need to assemble land and the cost of required infrastructure for access and servicing.

Anticipated outputs 

  • 20 ha land released
  • 111,500 sq m workspace
  • 120 businesses supported
  • 600 training places
  • 7,770 jobs
  • 11km cycleway
  • 11km highway
  • 26 apprenticeships

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