Growth Programmes

Growth Programme 1 – Market Towns and Rural Leicestershire Programme

Rural Leicestershire and the market towns are a key part of the sub-regional economy and key interventions are required to ensure economic growth opportunities are exploited to the benefit of rural businesses and residents.

This programme focuses on three main areas: affordable housing, food and drink enterprise growth and support for town centre regeneration. The rural economy will also be substantially supported by activities in GP2, through accelerated broadband and affordable housing.


  • 4 ha land released
  • 77 businesses supported
  • 162 jobs created
  • 125 homes (subject to housing needs assessment)

Growth Programme  2 – Infrastructure, Workspace and Cultural Development

A range of infrastructure, workspace and leisure investments will add substantial economic value across the sub-regional economy, and in some cases, especially outside of the Growth Areas.

Improvements to infrastructure will be focussed on broadband, managed workspace, transport and visitor attractions. Support will also be given to the provision of workspace to support business growth.


  • 0.6 ha land released
  • 17,820 sq m workspace
  • 10,520 businesses supported
  • 3,733 jobs
  • 173 training places
  • 2.5km cycleway improvements
  • 4 apprenticeships

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