Employment and skills

Locally the LLEP is working with all key government funded agencies, training providers, colleges and universities to improve skills and employment prospects for all. This includes improving access to relevant skills development programmes, work placements, apprenticeships, job opportunities and good quality careers advice. The LLEP skills team facilitate a number of working groups to bring partners together to share good practice and drive forward actions.

In 2017 the Skills Commission launched a ‘Guide to the skills system’ which aims to put skills at the top of the parliamentary agenda.

This publication has been designed to provide those who are new to the system, including new members of parliament, with clear and concise information on the skills system as a whole, how it works and who the main players are. It provides a review of current policy along with analysis allowing the reader to see how the parts fit together into the whole, with lots of helpful visuals and summary information.
Visit: http://www.policyconnect.org.uk/research/guide-skills-system