Careers Events Documents

Below are a range of documents from our ‘Embedding Employability in the Curriculum’ event which was held on  21st September 2016  at De Montfort Hall. This includes case studies from the morning CPD session from Gerard Liston (Forum Talent Potential) and the National Careers Service (NCS) on ‘Embedding Employability in the Curriculum’.

Other events coming up that may be useful to your school:

The Skills Show

The Big Bang (near me)  ps://

The Leicester Apprenticeship Hub has regular events to help people meet employers and explore apprenticeships

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S-C-E-I_KS3_nottingham_science+NCH (747.91 KB)
S-C-E-R-I_KS3_stockton_maths+tees-barrage (705.02 KB)
S-C-E-R-I_KS4_tyneside_ilearn (738.24 KB)
S-C-E-R_KS3_nottingham_NFFC (576.89 KB)
Step 2 & Selection Doc ()
step-02_teacher-brief_spanish (201.38 KB)
Notes for completing Step 2 Form (14.84 KB)
21st SeptCEC, Curve, NHSspeakernotes (285.81 KB)
NCS_2016_branded#3 (6.01 MB)
Step 2 & Selection Doc. (51.39 KB)