Business Board

In our SEP, we outlined that we would create three thematic boards focusing on People, Business and Place, to support the LLEP Executive. The Chair of each Board is drawn from either the LLEP Board or Executive.

The Business Board is accountable to the LLEP Executive and is responsible for

  • Overseeing the development and review of the Business Chapter of the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and leading the strategy and direction for business support and innovation;
  • Overseeing and co-ordinating the delivery of key projects and programmes including the Growth Deal and EU Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) programmes
  • Providing delivery assurance to the Executive of the delivery of projects and programmes;
  • Making recommendations to and advising the LLEP Executive and Board about future investment opportunities;
  • Directing and managing individual project boards and teams;
  • Managing risks and issues, escalating to the Executive where appropriate; and
  • Engaging stakeholders in the development and review of the SEP and delivery of programmes

The Business Board also oversees the LLEP Business Gateway.

Who’s on the Business Board

  • Scott Knowles – Chair – EM Chamber of Commerce
  • CBI representation currently awaiting new member
  • Arnab Dutt –  MD Texane Ltd – Federation of Small Businesses
  • Rod Goss – Food and Drink Forum
  • Stephen de Looze – Chairman, Leicestershire IOD
  • David Nicholls – Better IT  – Federation of  Small Businesses
  • Neil McGhee – Sempervox Ltd – Leicester Business Voice
  • Rajesh Modha – The Finance Lab Ltd – Leicester Asian Business Association
  • Ian Wilson – CASE DA Social Enterprise
  • Tom Copson – Director, Grant Thornton UK LLP
  • Prof Iain Gillespie – Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Leicester
  • Prof Dana Brown –  Principal, Leicester Castle Business School
  • John Doherty – Principal, Loughborough College (with effect from November 2019)
  • Helen Mitchell – BEIS Local
  • Peter McLaren – Business Growth Team Manager, Leicestershire County Council
  • Peter Chandler – Head of Economic Regeneration, Leicester City Council
  • Geoff Parker – Chief Executive, Charnwood Borough Council
  • Helen Donnellan – Inward investment Director, Leicester City Council
  • Mike Durban – LLEP Head of Strategy
  • Sue Tilley – LLEP Economic Strategy Manager for Business (Support Lead Officer )


Meetings of the Business Board take place quarterly. Any additional meetings will be arranged as required and specialist meeting will be set up separately.

The dates of forthcoming Business Board meetings:


11th October 2017

Minutes and agreed actions are recorded and circulated to members within one week following the meeting.