Jaspal Singh Minhas

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) has shined the spotlight on Jaspal Minhas, LLEP board member and Managing Director of Electrical Design & MFG Co Ltd.

Jaspal began his career at an electrical installation firm in Sileby, before joining a manufacturing company of which he became the MD and eventually purchased in 2006.

We caught up with Jaspal and asked him 10 questions about his job, hobbies and what it means to be a LLEP board member. Here is what he has to say!


  1. What motivates you?

Desire to do the best for my Wife family and country.


  1. What do you do for fun/ what are your hobbies?

Playing with my grandchildren / work.


  1. How would you describe a typical Friday evening?

Finish work and visit my mum & dad, a meal with my wife and friends or a takeaway with the family at home.


  1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A trip into space. 


  1. What has been your favourite job role?

Solving problems and Building our house.


  1. What’s your finest achievement in your work?

Training over 170 apprentices and delivering projects on time.


  1. What has been your most memorable experience (professional or personal)?

Holding my children & grandchildren for the first time in my arms.


  1. What is the one bit of advice would you give to your 18 yr old self?

Do what you enjoy, work hard and don’t ever look back until you achieve your goals.


  1. How long have you been on the LLEP board?

Three years. 


  1. As a valued board member, how do you see yourself contributing to the LLEP?

Connecting the LLEP with communities and add value from the private sector business and to help busiess in leicester and Leicestershire.


Watch out for more profiles on the LLEP board members in the future!

The LLEP is governed by a Board of 14 leaders representing the private, public and voluntary sector and it is chaired by a leading business representative. The Board provides leadership, oversight, challenge and reviews the delivery of the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP). To find out more about the board members roles and the structure of the LLEP, click here.