Our Boards

LLEP Board

The LLEP Board makes collective decisions to deliver the LLEP’s objectives and the outcomes set out in the SEP. It acts as an ambassador for Leicester and Leicestershire at local, national and international levels. The LLEP Board Members engage and represent their specific sector or corporate organisation on the LLEP to ensure views represent those of the wider sector. They also communicate and promote the objectives of the LLEP within their respective sectors, ensuring the clear understanding of the need for collaboration.

Investment Panel

The Investment Panel oversees and supports the delivery of the LLEP Programme of activity. It is responsible for performance management of projects funded, and operated by the LLEP. The Investment Panel oversees the quality of business cases put forward for investment to ensure value for money and takes investment decisions under delegated authority from the LLEP Board. The membership of the Investment Panel is reflective of the LLEP Board, and is chaired by a private sector Board member.

Skills Advisory Panel

The Skills Advisory Panel (SAP) now supersedes the former People Board. The SAP is responsible for overseeing the development of the skills aspects of the Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) and leading the strategy and direction for skills development and employment support priorities across the LLEP area.

Business Gateway Board

The role of LLEP Business Gateway Board is to provide direction and scrutiny of the Business Gateway which is the Growth Hub for Leicester and Leicestershire.

Enterprise Zone Strategy Group

The EZ Strategy Group is accountable to the LLEP Board and is responsible for overseeing all EZ operations on their behalf. The Strategy Group has strategic oversight of EZ activity and manages the development and implementation of the zones. They provide financial assurance for operational and programme funds and receive regular updates regarding risk management and delivery of the overall EZ programme.


All papers for the main LLEP Board and sub-boards (that are responsible for decisions about public money) will be made available on the LLEP website.  The LLEP is committed to meet the timelines as set out in the National LEP Assurance Framework in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972.

These timelines are:

  • Meeting agendas and papers to be published five clear working days before the meeting takes place;
  • Minutes of Board meetings to be published within 10 clear working days of the meeting taking place. This may be in draft if internal LLEP processes require clearance before the minutes are finalised. The final minutes of Board meetings will be published within 10 clear working days of being ratified at the subsequent Board meeting.

In addition

Any declaration of interest made at the meeting must be included in the minutes of the Board meeting. A new declaration of interest should be updated on the relevant member’s register of interest.


LLEP Governance Structure 2019 (141.30 KB)
LLEP Appointments Committee Terms of Reference (21.66 KB)