Annual Performance Review

Working with Government

The LLEP works with a range of central Government departments on a variety of different policy and project areas. Our key liaison with government is through our Area Lead at the Cities and Local Growth Unit (CLoG). Our relationship and engagement with our Area Lead is formalised and incorporated in our governance structure, with CLoG being a member of key groups throughout the LLEP’s governance structure including the Board, Programme Board and Executive.

Whilst our engagement with Government is ongoing throughout the year, the Annual Performance Review meeting is the formal process by which the Government and each LEP meet each year to:

  • Discuss the contribution the LEP has made towards driving forward local economic growth;
  • Review LEP governance and assurance processes;
  • Look at progress with delivery on key local growth programmes; and
  • Discuss the LLEP’s priorities and challenges for the year ahead.

The Annual Conversation also acts as a key milestone in the process for confirming the following year’s Local Growth Fund (LGF) and LEP Core Funding payments. The record of this year’s annual conversation is available below.

Following the Annual Conversation, CLoG undertake a performance review. This looks at the performance of the LEP across the three themes in the round. The review will also highlight any areas where there may be ‘need for further development or where there is good practice, to make sure this is captured. Formal feedback will be received in the form of a letter from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to the LLEP Chair. The letter received from the Ministry is available below.

As part of this process the LLEP Chair and Director and the S151 officer of the Accountable Body (Leicester City Council) produce statements. The statements covering the financial year 2019/20 are also available below.

Our Delivery Plan is the document that is assessed during our annual performance review and can be found at strategies-and-plans/delivery-plan


Governance assurance statement (154.42 KB)
Section 151 Assurance Statement for the financial year 2019-20 (98.09 KB)