ESIF updates

ESIF Committee

At the ESIF Committee meeting on Wednesday 30th August, Consultants S4W presented their final report and findings on Future ESF Open Calls for the LLEP area. The report, which resulted from a rigorous evidence review and consultations with stakeholders, was well received by the ESIF Committee.  The LLEP has now been tasked to draw up the Call Specifications in advance of the next ESIF Committee on 21st September 2017 with the intent to launch autumn calls, although this is dependent on agreement to release dates by the Managing Authority.

ESIF Update

There is currently an enormous amount going on across the 3 ESIF Programmes – ESF, ERDF and EAFRD – at the end of last year, the LLEP launched a large number of Funding Calls totalling approx. £22.6m across the 3 funds. Although most of the Calls are now closed, those under our ERDF PA-4 Rolling Call together with our Food Processing & Tourism Infrastructure Calls are still open.

The response to recent calls has been really good with applications being received worth over £17m, of which £15m have now been endorsed by the ESIF Committee and will now be invited to submit full applications to the Managing Authorities.

Further Calls to bring the LLEP’s ESIF Commitments up to around 94% are expected to be launched in the late summer / early Autumn as shown in the timetable below.

Timetable for future ERDF Open Calls

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