Moneywise Plus (help with finance and digital skills)

Moneywise Plus 

With £1.2m from the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund, Reaching People have set up Moneywise Plus;   a digital and financial inclusion project which builds on a previous Moneywise project, and will serve 900 people across Leicester and Leicestershire, providing free digital and financial support to people with the right to live and work in the UK who are not in work (including on 0-hour contracts) or economically inactive.

Moneywise Plus offers a range of activities, including outreach and taster digital skills sessions, one-to-one support, group work and, where appropriate, formal education and volunteering to develop a range of personal and employment-related financial and digital skills.

Since the official launch of Moneywise Plus at the New Walk museum, Leicester on Friday 25th November 2016, 246 referrals to the project have been made, and participants will have received support from a range of activities, including support towards:


  •          Increasing financial skills and confidence – around personal money management, making the most of their money, opening a bank account, mobile/internet banking and maximising income where possible e.g. utility switching.
  •          Increasing digital skills and confidence – boosting their skills in using computers, using the internet safety, staying in touch with family and friends, accessing online services and using pc’s tablets and devices.

The project offers a range of activities including outreach and taster digital skills sessions, one to one support, group work, formal education and volunteering to develop a range of personal and employment related financial and digital skills.

We also offer support in accessing our project through:

·         Reimbursing travel costs

·         Supporting participants in accessing evidence of eligibility for the project

·         Access to telephone based language line

Moneywise Plus supports participants (including pensioners) to develop their financial and digital skills, using a three-stage model of engagement, assessment and support:

  • ENGAGEMENT: Provides focused community engagement activities in key target communities.
  • ASSESSMENT: Assessment of participants (citizenship, issues and barriers, financial and digital skills needs, etc.), as well as in-depth assessment and intensive support for participants with particular barriers, who require specialist support to effectively engage with support activities.
  • SUPPORT: Adviser provision to develop financial and digital skills/confidence using a person-centred approach, with action planning and review. Also includes dedicated route-ways to education and volunteering.

The project closes for referrals in December 2019.

Here’s a testimonial from John, a previous Moneywise participant who emailed the Moneywise Plus team;

‘’Just want to thank everyone at Moneywise for all of the support we received from this wonderful service, it’s of a great benefit to our city and the county at large. I have benefited tremendously from your great work, please extend my appreciation to Katy, Naz, Jim, and another Lady who is always in office (didn’t get to know her name) you guys do an amazing and awesome job.     Thanks indeed – John“

For further information on the project, go to or call 0300 003 7004