Links to Work (help for adults to find work)

Links to Work is a programme to help Leicester and Leicestershire people to find suitable employment. Managed by Fedcap Employment, who took over from Working Links, the £2.7m European Social Fund (ESF) programme can help local people to identify their strengths, skills and abilities, and help them to overcome any barriers that they may have to employment. ‘Links to Work’ will support 1681 clients from the LLEP area over the three year programme, and aims to move 698 into 13 weeks of sustainable work.

Eligible customers must be:

  • Legally resident and have the right to paid employment in the UK.
  • Aged 25 or over (no upper age limit).

They also must fit one of the following (1), (2) or (3) categories:

(1) Long term unemployed or inactive (26 weeks or longer

(2) Basic Skills need (Below NVQ level 1 or equivalent)

(3) Have more than one barrier to employment such as health needs, low qualifications, caring responsibilities and other barriers.

This new programme is also helping many people gain confidence in applying for jobs by linking with other local organisations such as:

  • NifCare a sector based work academy who are offering a 4 week course in care with a guaranteed interview.
  • Turning Point, Job Clubs, Intraining, Citizens Advice Bureau, community centres, places of worship, Jobcentre Plus, Kirk Lodge, East Midlands Housing, Leicester College and a local beauty centre,  to meet our LLEP priority groups .

Case Study: Shoaib – linking to a brighter future

Shoaib Narma, who has some learning difficulties, has been on benefits since he left full-time education in 2003. He has been on various supported employment provisions over the years, but has struggled to even secure an interview through these programmes.  Despite completing many work placements and picking up fantastic experience, Shoaib struggled to secure paid work and subsequently, he slowly started to lose his confidence.  Through the support of Links to Work, Shoaib managed to secure his first job interview in 8 years.

Shoaib was partnered with a team of consultants, who set out a plan of action to rebuild his confidence. Together they worked on Shoaib’s CV to reflect his previous voluntary work and found job opportunities for Shoaib to apply for.

Shoaib secured his second ever interview for a cleaning position at the National Space Centre and the Links to Work continued to work closely with Shoaib to prepare him for his interview. Although not successful on this occasion, Shoaib has proved himself very capable and gained confidence for other interviews and opportunities.

To find out more about the Links to Work programme, or to refer, visit   or call 0800 917 9262