Careers Education Service (support for 16-24 year olds)

The Careers Education Service (CES), managed by Business2Business (B2B), works with NEETs in Leicester and Leicestershire. Individuals aged 16-24 years old can access support and assistance in finding employment, apprenticeships and education, as well as accessing non-accredited training in Employability Skills, Confidence and Motivation, Personal Social Development and Journey to Work. The programme is funded by the European Social Fund (£2m) and has helped to reduce numbers of unemployed young people across the area; since starting the programme in January 2017 the CES has worked with over 1500 young people, moving over 70% into employment, apprenticeships, training or education.

Part of the CES offer is local career and job events. 10 of these have been organised to date across different communities, enabling a great breadth of client take up on the programme.

CES also offers regular labour market updates for clients, and at present have some summer job roles as well as many other opportunities.

Young people can get in touch with B2B in a number of ways (see the Facebook, WhatApp and contact details on this page). They will get an appointment with a B2B adviser, who can discuss their needs and barriers, and help them employability, CVs, cover letter, applications, and the vacancies B2B manage in house. Other opportunities can be sourced for them as required.


Careers Education Service (CES) programme case study

A local young male was referred to the CES programme to help and support him gain employment or training. This customer is registered disabled, he has Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia, and so can struggle in certain situations with social difficulties and holding appropriate conversations.  The client had some reading and understanding challenges at times, and struggles with writing,  so he also wanted support with social activities, C.V, cover letter and applying for jobs and training courses.

Customer Barriers

  • Maintaining a focus on the activities to be completed without disruption
  • Making sure that the conversations the client starts in groups are appropriate
  • Ensuring there is enough support in place, as he really struggles with reading, writing and comprehension

With B2B support and confidence building , the customer has been for an interview and was offered work experience with a local gym which is a Sector Based Work Academy (SBWA) 12 week course.  It is a fitness industry course for disabled people,  and the SBWA are offering training and a qualification, plus experience to peruse a career in the industry.

So far, the course has helped the customer to understand a little more about what is appropriate to discuss in a working environment, and has given him more confidence in starting conversations in group sessions. He has gained a better C.V and cover letter, and passed the 12 week SBWA in fitness training.  This suits him, as he has been going to the gym since he was about the age of 13 so he was very pleased to gain this opportunity.

This customers  whole life is focused on nutrition, and to be able to work in a gym, so further support will be given to him to find and gain a Traineeship or Apprenticeship to continue with his progression.


Want to refer someone to the Careers Education Service? To book an appointment, please contact us on:

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About Business2Business

Business2Business is a Leicester based employment support provider, with 28 years’ experience of working with disadvantaged groups. The organisation also has many community, voluntary and statutory organisational links enabling very effective local engagement.  With growing business links, B2B have a great understanding of employers’ needs leading to strong employer engagement, and has worked with Hastings Direct, HSBC and Amazon.

Individuals who are interested can contact B2B to book an appointment with their advisers.

The Careers Education Service provision ends in March 2019.


See CES flyers below:



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