Skills Support for the Workforce and Leicester Employment Hub

The following programmes can support skills in the workforce across the LLEP area:

Are you an employer or employee needing skills support?  There are two ESF funded programmes that can help across the LLEP area!  These are:

Skills support for the Workforce – available till end of July 2021

Skills Support for the Workforce is a skills service available to businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire, managed by Serco.

The service links training organisations with local businesses (who have less than 250 employees), allowing you to upskill your existing workforce in line with your business strategy and the local skills priorities.  A large range of skills provision is on offer, free of charge, to help employers to meet their skills needs! There is also a programme available for redundancy skills support. To find out more, email:


See also detail on the LLEP area Employment Hub-support for local employers

The aim of the Employment Hub is to make education and training provision more responsive to the needs of the local economy, and will work directly with local businesses (especially SMEs) to increase the demand for apprenticeships, traineeships and work placements. It will also add capacity to and complement the work of the National Apprenticeship Service and local training agencies. The total value of the Employment Hub specification is £2 million and project delivery will end by June 30 2020.

The Employment Hub was awarded to Leicester City Council,