LLEP ESF Provider Forum

The LLEP ESF Provider Forum brings together the lead provider organisations who are delivering ESF programmes in the Leicester and Leicestershire area.  The aims of the Forum are to:

  • Coordinate the delivery of local ESF activity across different projects and programmes.
  • Share information and guidance between the LLEP, opt-in organisations, the Managing Authority and providers.
  • Ensure effective the referral of beneficiaries between different ESF projects and programmes.


LLEP ESF Provider Forum January 22 2019

Held at City Hall, the meeting incorporated representation from the leads of seven ESF programmes, plus the LLEP,  and the two local authorities. The LLEP led on an activity looking at recent Skills for the Future research, plus new labour market resources for adults, as all projects are trying to move people nearer to the job market. The LLEP also updated on the Local Industrial Strategy, and Skills Advisory Panels. There were also updates from the new WiLL programme, and other BLF programmes, local authority updates and networking.

LLEP ESF Provider Forum October 11 2018

At this meeting there was representation from the leads of nine ESF programmes, plus the LLEP,  and the two local authorities. There were some interesting presentations given by the Learning and Work Institute on research linked to adults skills.

Each provider was given the opportunity to give an overview of their programme, and there was time to network and share good practice.


Previous dates of LLEP ESF Provider Forums:

LLEP ESF Provider Forum July 18 2018

LLEP ESF Provider Forum April 18 2018

LLEP ESF Provider Forum January 17 2018

LLEP  ESIF Joint Provider Forum October 19 2017: On October 19 2017, the LLEP held a joint ESF/ERDF Provider Forum event to enhance processes and practice.

LLEP ESF Provider Forum July 19 2017

LLEP ESF Provider Forum April 19 2017

LLEP ESF Provider Forum January 18 2017


For more information contact:

LLEP Strategic Lead for People, Fiona Baker Fiona.baker@llep.org.uk or LLEP Skills Officer, Anna Cyhan anna.cyhan@llep.org.uk