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Did you know, the UK government has identified the Space sector as one of the UKs fastest growing high-tech sectors, projecting £13.7b growth?

The UK Government is investing heavily, as laid out in the Queens Speech, in the UK Space sector e.g. development of a UK Spaceport, from which satellites made in the UK will be launched into orbit by 2020, Space Incubators (at the DOCK Leicester, LUSEP Loughborough and UNIP Nottingham), the Leicester Space Park to grow our very own space cluster in addition to the national cluster at Harwell. These investments and developments will benefit Small Medium Enterprises in the supply chain, especially small satellite companies, by providing them low-cost access to Space and opportunities to develop new products and services using satellite enabled data.

In summary, Space offers opportunities for all to benefit from the growth. Investors and venture capitalists are interested in identifying and investing in innovative and viable businesses. Your business does not have to be a space company to benefit from a range of investment opportunities on offer.

If you are looking for Business Angel/Venture Capital investment within the next 1-2 years; run an IP-led business using or intending to use satellite data, or are developing a pioneering approach/product that is almost ready for commercialisation in the Space sector, if you need investment to grow, or just want to know what kind of investment is possible, then Space2Invest is for you.

If you are a Business Angel/Venture Capitalist looking to invest a viable business in the East Midlands, then Space2Invest is for you.


Join us to
– Learn more about the various investment opportunities
– Meet investment companies and VCs looking to invest
– Pitch your company in front of the investors (companies have to pre book)
East Midlands Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (EMCoE) is bringing together UK-based venture capital and business angel firms looking to invest in viable local businesses/ideas to achieve shared objectives and to build strong and successful companies. The investors invited, for example:

  • Seraphim Fund – an early stage investor in high-growth European businesses across all technology sectors
  • Midven – supporting companies to achieve their ambitions in the East Midlands
  • Mercia Technologies – one of the leading investment businesses in UK technology
  • Space Angels

To attend please book online and indicate if you want your company to be included in the Company Pitch or investor list.

To book please visit: www.eventbrite.com

For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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