12 Oct 2017 | Time: 9:00 am - 11:15 am

HR Forum, Employment Law Update – Leicestershire


Gateley PLC
Knightsbridge House

United Kingdom
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This event is delivered as part of the Collaborate Growing Business Together project and is aimed at businesses based in Leicester and Leicestershire, with less than 250 employees (All other bookings will be respectfully declined)*


Hosted by employment lawyers from top-ranked local law firm Gateley Plc, this session will provide an overview of the key employment-related developments expected in the second half of 2017 and beyond.

Session details

2017 has already seen significant changes to employment law that are affecting every workplace. This practical and interactive session will look at all of the most important developments and how they will affect your organisation, including:

  • the implications of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision that employment tribunal fees are unlawful;
  • what employers need to do to ensure that they can comply with the GDPR;
  • the future of the ‘gig economy’ in light of the Taylor Report; and
  • recent case law regarding the calculation of holiday pay, ‘whistleblowing’ and discrimination.

We will also have a short presentation from Juan Pardo, Policy Officer, Policy, Economic & Communities, Leicester City Council, on how businesses can work closer with Community Managed Libraries (CML): Unexplored opportunities on CSR, donations and community assets. Juan will:

  1. Explain briefly what CMLs are and what functions they can undertake, including the role of the clusters
  2. Cover different ways in which a business can collaborate with CMLs; from access to local space to maximising donations and gift aid
  3. Explore why it is important. Because it offers new avenues for different revenue streams, it can help to minimise tax liabilities and it could create new markets.
  4. Explain how different opportunities can be deployed, including access to affordable meeting spaces, which are well place to communicate messages to the local population
  5. How donations and internal CSR policies are being used to decrease potential tax liabilities.

*To reserve your place please complete the booking form below, to confirm your eligibility to attend we will require you to complete a “SME Enrolment Form” which will be sent to you separately – we will then be able to confirm your place at the event.

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Collaborate Business Support in Leicester and Leicestershire partners

For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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