Achieve – Inspire – Motivate (AIM, a project to help ex-offenders)

The Achieve – Inspire – Motivate (AIM) project helps ex-offenders into positive outcomes.

An East Midlands college has received £980,800 of ESF funding to support a new project. Derby Business College Training was the successful applicant for the funding and has launched AIM (Achieve, Inspire and Motivate) which supports young ex-offenders serving community sentences back into employment.

Under priority Axis 1.2, the project will help sustainable integration with young people. The objectives of the project are:

• To provide intensive support to young ex-offenders and for at least three months to secure sustainable employment at the end of the activity.

• To engage ex-offenders in training and learning activities tailored to their needs which will improve literacy, numeracy and employability skills.

• To reduce re-offending rates amongst the ex-offenders through a positive engagement programme.

These objectives will be met through local and targeted programmes of engagement, confidence building, high quality information, advice and guidance, skills development and work experience. AIM will take a holistic approach to address the complex problems or barriers that ex-offenders face.

The project will lead to a reduction in unemployment amongst young ex-offenders and to address issues of ‘recycling’ – where young ex-offenders are dropping out of current support programmes and/or failing to find sustainable employment.

The CSCS course was designed in partnership with JCP and CRC requirements to commence September with over 50 starters in place and run until 31 July 2018.

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