Infrastructure improvements

Surrounding Infrastructure improvements at MIRA

One of the key challenges for the Technology Park masterplan is the solution to upgrade access and egress to the MIRA site and to improve the ability for the A5 to manage the increased traffic to, from and around the site.

The A5 trunk road performs a strategic role linking the M69 to the East with the M42 to the West, which makes it an attractive location for many businesses in the area. It must also cater for the main towns within the A5 corridor namely Nuneaton, Hinckley and Atherstone. The single carriageway and the layouts of junction mean the ability to deal with traffic demand is constrained.

Through the Government’s Regional Growth Fund, coupled with significant investment from MIRA, a number of infrastructure developments are in progress. These include:

  • upgrading the existing entrance to the Park
  • new second access to the Technology Park
  • improved junctions at the Redgate Junction, Woodlane Junction, Higham/Nuneaton Roundabout, Longshoot Junction and the Dodwells Roundabout, to allow better traffic flow
  • dual carriageway along part of the A5 which is currently single carriageway.
  • green travel plan to improve public transport links to and from the site and create a cyclist friendly route.

These traffic and transport measures will not only enable the expansion of the MIRA development to take place, but will also be of benefit to the residents and people moving to and from work in the area.

On-site developments

In February 2015, it was also announced than MIRA had been successful in attaining £12.9m HCA Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF). This will fund key on-site infrastructure work such as new internal roads and business units, to further expedite the growth of the Enterprise Zone.

All infrastructure on site will incorporate many sustainable initiatives including renewable forms of energy, rainwater harvesting and sustainable construction techniques.