Employment and skills at MIRA

MIRA Technology Park Enterprise Zone is destined to make a significant contribution to our local economy, with plans to create over 2,000 jobs, many of which will be highly skilled and specialist engineering roles.

In 2013, we developed a Skills Plan specifically for the Technology Park, aimed at building and maintaining the supply of STEM-based skills that the site requires. This is available to download below.

HORIBA MIRA also has many live apprentice and graduate programs and collaborative research opportunities, which are very popular and heavily oversubscribed.

Along with academic partners, HORIBA MIRA secured £9.5m through our Growth Deal for the creation of an on-site Skills Training Centre with the focus on the creation of specialist engineering skills absent in the labour supply chain.

The aim is to ensure a ready supply of skills to secure the future of transport engineering.


MIRA Skills Plan (2.21 MB)