17 May 2018 | Category: LLEP News

Dr Liam Fox launches global investment drive including Leicester and Leicestershire projects

Today (17 May 2018) the International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox has launched a new drive to attract more than £30 billion of investment to 68 projects across the UK, including projects in Leicester and Leicestershire.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is promoting 68 UK investment projects to overseas investors. Dr Fox will also extend the highly successful High Potential Opportunities scheme, piloted in Doncaster’s rail industry, Telford’s agri-tech sector, and Greater Manchester’s innovative graphene-based lightweight materials sector to new industries and parts of the UK.

Dr Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary and President of the Board of Trade, said:

This is a bold and ambitious programme, building on the UK’s position as the leading destination for foreign investment in Europe through the government’s modern Industrial Strategy, helping to build a Britain fit for the future.

The High Potential Opportunities scheme will deliver growth where it is most needed, ensuring that the benefits of global investment are felt in every part of the country.”

Leicester and Leicestershire is within the Midlands Engine and the local projects being promoted include:

Loughborough University Science & Enterprise Park, Loughborough, £625 million
Ashton Green, Leicester, £480 million
Space Park Leicester, Leicester, £100 million

Nick Pulley, LLEP Chair said “All three projects have received investment from the LLEP to build infrastructure and are now ready to be developed further.  I am delighted that these projects are being promoted by the Department for International Trade.  They are all key developments to provide much needed housing at Ashton Green and we want to attract high tech and advanced manufacturing and engineering businesses to Loughborough and space research and technology businesses to Space Park Leicester.”

For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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