21 Nov 2018 | Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Collaborate: How to make more money for busy businesses (tourism & hospitality)


The Three Swans Hotel
21 High St
Market Harborough
LE16 7NJ
The Three Swans Hotel
21 High St, Market Harborough, LE16 7NJ

Collaborate for growth ethical compliance workshop

Rising costs and lower-price seeking by customers are just two of the many ways that it is becoming harder to make money. But if you don’t make more money your business or organisation could easily die. You need to know how to fight back, generate more revenue and increase profits or surplus. This lively workshop is packed full of ideas and tips on pricing, profit, cash and revenue improvement.

Highlights include:

  • Know where profit and cash is lost and where it can be gained.
  • Manage risk and be innovative with fresh and profitable ideas and thinking
  • Know the psychology of pricing and how to do it better to make more money
  • Finding where cash and profit hides so you can thrive
  • Know your break-even and be comfortable with numbers
  • Think opposite to occupancy to drive up profits –
  • Costing and pricing tactics including avoiding the trap of discounting –
  • You’ll leave the workshop with fresh intentions and knowledge about how to prepare and use a profit growth plan for your business.


09:45 Arrival and Registration

10:00 – 13:00 Workshop


If you have any special requirements, please email: tourism@winningmoves.com or call Leicestershire Promotions on 0116 225 4074.

Event Terms:

Support under the Collaborate Support for Tourism Businesses Programme provided by Winning Moves and Leicestershire Promotions is only available to Leicestershire based tourism SMEs and therefore Collaborate Support for Tourism Businesses Programme have the right to cancel events at anytime if we do not receive sufficient quantities of Leicestershire businesses attending.

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For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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