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I don’t think this post needs any further introduction, suffice to say it’s a fairytale ending to the season for Leicester City.

For the first time since the Club was formed 132 years ago, against all odds, they scooped the title of Premiership Champions in truly magnificent style, under the eyes of the watching world.

The Premiership title is worth £150 million to the club, (through Premier League prize money, Champions League participation cash and increased match day revenues) according to data analysts Repucom, in a report cited by the BBC.

Then there’s the almost unquantifiable benefits to the rest of the city and county. Aside from the huge soar in publicity and the boost in morale, we will undoubtedly see tourism benefits (from spend on food/drink, accommodation and local transport).

Research carried out by the University of Derby last year suggested the average football fan spends £776 in the local area when watching their team play overseas . On the assumption that away fans take up their UEFA regulated allocation of tickets of 5% of ground capacity, the three Champions League games could bring up to £5m into Leicester/Leicestershire. So we’ve got a lot to keep looking forward to.

All round, it’s just the most brilliant news and the whole of Leicester is alive with celebrations and probably will be for some time.

To summarise what this means to Leicester, in the words of one Richard Osborn (Weightmans) and something which I simply couldn’t put any better myself, “no longer will we have to explain that we live in the Midlands near Birmingham.”

Small Nick  




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