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Our focus at MIPIM 2017

Again we will be attending MIPIM (14-17 March) in our quest to raise our profile and seek investment in the LLEP area. This year however, will be somewhat different. For the first time  – along with other LEPs, Local Authorities and DiT, we have joined forces to present a united, Midlands-wide presence in Cannes. This is an exciting step which we hope will open up much greater opportunities for us – and the region as a whole. Each area has different strengths and opportunities and combining them together really will offer a healthy regional portfolio to both domestic and foreign investors.

The mainstay this year for us specifically, will be our Enterprise Zone sites: MIRA Technology Park and the Loughborough and Leicester Enterprise Zone (a multi-sited EZ encompassing Waterside and Pioneer Park, Loughborough University and Charnwood Campus.)

We believe that our Enterprise Zones present major opportunities. Leicestershire is already at the cutting edge of innovative research, innovation and product development – brought about particularly through our three first-rate universities (Loughborough, Leicester and DeMontfort) and the Enterprise Zones will help to cement Leicestershire’s role as the research and development capital of the Midlands.

MIRA Technology Park has been around for a few years now and already boasts an extremely successful Enterprise Zone model. We intend to fully utilise the expertise and experience gained at MIRA to help develop the Loughborough and Leicester Enterprise Zone (albeit in the science, innovation and hi-tech manufacturing sectors.)

The second EZ is expected to create more than 6,500 jobs, allow the expansion of more than 120 companies on site and see around 900 new homes built. One of the sites, Charnwood Campus, offers specialist accommodation and supporting serviced office facilities for the biomedical, pharmaceutical, life sciences and technology industries. It has the opportunity to accommodate large international corporates looking to expand through to local business looking to start-up and grow.

There are lots of opportunities for national and international businesses at our Enterprise Zones and MIPIM will be a great opportunity to really showcase what is possible.

We will be very much a key player in the Midlands Pavilion and are thrilled about being part of a regional effort to showcase the Midlands as a whole this year.  We will endeavour to take advantage of the wider Midlands’ presence in Cannes this year and hope that Leicester will see increased benefits of its attendance at MIPIM as a result.

Hope to see you there!

For more information, please contact: admin@llep.org.uk

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