21 Sep 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Enhancing business and education relationships

We had a fantastic event last week called ‘Meet the Sector’, which was all about raising awareness of the array of opportunities across sectors in...

30 Jun 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Our Leicestershire economy is staying strong

As we all know the ongoing Brexit discussions and the recent General Election have caused a degree of uncertainty for businesses. However, no business has...

14 Feb 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Our focus at MIPIM 2017

Again we will be attending MIPIM (14-17 March) in our quest to raise our profile and seek investment in the LLEP area. This year however, will...

26 Jan 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Making compliance easy

As a business – whether you are already trading or just starting up, being compliant with the law and all the necessary regulations can seem...

16 Jan 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

ESIF funding set to continue till 2020

  Each year, the economy in Leicester and Leicestershire goes from strength to strength. Since our previous Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) in 2013, the LLEP...

25 Nov 2016 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog, Skills

The challenge of choosing a career….

We know that choosing a career and finding the right job can be a real challenge for young people. Even for those that have a...

27 May 2016 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog, LLEP News

Are young people aware of their options?

There is a current buzz about the importance of skills and education for young people, particularly career options and alternative routes into industry. It’s tough for...

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