17 Apr 2018 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

LLEP searches for next Chair to steer economic growth in Leicester and Leicestershire

As you may have heard I am due to step down as Chair of the LLEP in a couple of months. I’ve reached my limit...

21 Sep 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Enhancing business and education relationships

We had a fantastic event last week called ‘Meet the Sector’, which was all about raising awareness of the array of opportunities across sectors in...

30 Jun 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Our Leicestershire economy is staying strong

As we all know the ongoing Brexit discussions and the recent General Election have caused a degree of uncertainty for businesses. However, no business has...

14 Feb 2017 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

Our focus at MIPIM 2017

Again we will be attending MIPIM (14-17 March) in our quest to raise our profile and seek investment in the LLEP area. This year however, will...

03 May 2016 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog


I don't think this post needs any further introduction, suffice to say it's a fairytale ending to the season for Leicester City. For the first time...

21 Apr 2016 | Category: LLEP Chair's Blog

What do LCFC spectators contribute to Leicester’s economy?

I was astounded - yet not surprised at the same time (if that's even possible!) to read a recent report sent to us by travel company...

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