Leicester Business Festival


At the end of 2016, the success of the LBF allowed the LLEP to take a back seat and hand the organisation of future festivals over to the purposely established Community Interest Company (CIC), under which it is now run.  The LLEP continues to support the festival through our Growth Hub – LLEP Business Gateway.

  • Over 154 events registered
  • 22 % of the events completely sold out
  • Over 10,000 attendees recorded over the fortnight including 78 international attendees (26.8% from outside the region)
  • 51.8% of attendees wanted to hear more from LBF partners
  • LBF’s reach had grown to an estimated 14.25million
  • 91% of attendees said events were good or excellent


We grew LBF in 2016 with:

  • LBF’s reach had grown to an estimated 12.7million
  • Attracting 12,500 visitors (24% of whom were from outside the region)
  • 118 separate events.
  • ​Over 97% of attendees told us that their businesses benefited as a direct result of their attendance at LBF.

The full evaluation report is available to download below.


Monday 26th October 2015 saw the start of the first ever Leicester Business Festival. It’s fair to say that the LBF completely exceeded all expectations, with:

  • Over 80 events taking place
  • 24 of the events completely sold out
  • 7 boroughs represented
  • Over 5,000 attendees recorded over the fortnight
  • Social media reach of 782,658


Visit the LBF website for more information on how to get involved.



Leicester Business Festival 2016 evaluation report (2.71 MB)