Space Park/Pioneer Park Infrastructure

Project Summary

This project will provide major infrastructure and services to unlock 4 Ha brownfield sites adjacent to the National Space Centre and existing high tech business space at Pioneer Park, to enable the development of a new business space as part of Space Park Leicester.
The area will be prepared for development by addressing flood risk and drainage issues, creating new access to the site and providing essential utilities.

The project will also create better connections for pedestrians and cyclists between the site, the National Space Centre and the Abbey Pumping Station, while enhancing the public realm.

The cost of providing infrastructure and making brownfield sites available for development is a barrier for the private sector, and has prevented these sites coming forward.

Project Sponsors: Leicester City Council

LLEP Investment: £5m

Project Status: Ongoing

Start Date:  January 2018

End Date:   March 2021


Site reclaimed 4Ha
Improved public realm 1Ha
Footway Improved 0.5km
New footway created 0.5km

In developing this site, the project will

  • Establish a Midland’s focus for space and earth observation technologies, to encourage the retention and expansion of existing businesses and  to attract inward investment
  • Develop enhanced connectivity through a network of footpath and cycleway routes along river corridor and on an east – west corridor to improve connectivity with adjoining footways.
  • Create a Science Park environment through high quality landscaping and public realm, and  creation of new wildlife habitats to enhance and mitigate impacts of development


City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “These works will provide the infrastructure we need to deliver the ambitious plans we have for Pioneer Park and the area around the National Space Centre.

“By preparing these sites for development, we can support the University of Leicester’s proposals for a space park and encourage economic growth by attracting businesses in the space and satellite technology sector to the area.”