Space Park, Leicester

Project Summary

Space Park Leicester will develop a nationally significant Space Park in Leicester to develop a global hub for space research, learning, public engagement and innovation. It will enable collaboration between the University and the private sector creating high quality knowledge based jobs, building the skills base and contributing to economic growth and resilience of the economy.

The first phase of the project will deliver a 4800 m2 facility that represents the core of the Space Park that will a deliver core science & innovation facility with Earth Observation, coding, training and general facilities which will be developed over the period late 2019- 2020. It remains that further elements need to be developed through to 2025 that will be subject to further rounds of funding development.

Project Sponsors: Leicester University

LLEP Investment: £7.88m

Project Status: On-going

Start Date:  2019

End Date:   2020


  • Core science & innovation facility Circa 4800m2
  • 200 jobs
  • 10 business Start Ups
  • 3 Inward Investors
  • 100 businesses supported


Quote from recipient about impact of funding:

Martin Barstow, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Strategic Science Projects and Director, Leicester Institute of Space & Earth Observation said “Space Park Leicester is one of the most exciting and ambitious developments that the University has undertaken. It will lead to significant growth of the commercial space sector in the region, providing new high quality jobs and a significant economic impact. We are immensely grateful for LLEP support, from the Local Growth Fund, which has been essential for bringing the project from concept to reality.”


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