Growing Places Fund – performance

The Growing Places Fund (GPF)  loan scheme is a Government-back scheme, put in place specifically to assist stalled transport and infrastructure projects that will boost the local economy.

GPF loans are allocated through the LLEP to schemes that will accelerate the building of homes, office and commercial development space.

There have been three rounds of GPF and to date, a total of £12.571 million has been loaned in our area, which will yield the following outputs:

Jobs Homes

Employment Land Created Public Environment

(Commercial Floorspace Sqm)

Inward Investment

(Total Private Sector Investment)

Projects Supported Transport Infrastructure Improvements (Ha)
3,650  979  15,050 Sqm £39,358,524 11 0.8Ha

The GPF has contributed to the following projects:

  • Old Dalby Enterprise Village
  • Donington Park Formula E 
  • Optimus Point 
  • Leicester Waterside Project 
  • Veldrome Site
  • Abbey Quarter
  • Ashton Green

It’s been an incredibly successful scheme so far. But don’t take it from us, see what the businesses have to say:

You can also check out our infographic below:

GPF Infographic