Programme Board

The Programme Board has been established to oversee and support the delivery of the LLEP’s programme of activity. The Programme Board will be responsible for ensuring that the LLEP programme is governed in accordance with the principles of the and process set out in the Local Assurance Framework.

The Board consists of Public and Private Sector representatives, answerable to the LLEP Board, which will principally, agree the programme of works of the LLEP, assure on the quality of works executed and ensure that the projects and proposals supported by the LLEP meet the standards set out in the LAF.

Named participants in the Board are as follows:

  • Chair – Vacant, Private Sector Representative
  • Vacant – Private Sector Representative
  • Vacant – Private Sector Representative
  • Andrew L. Smith – Leicester City Council Representative
  • Edd de Coverly – Leicestershire District Councils Representative
  • Tom Purnell – Leicestershire County Council Representative
  • Kevan Liles – Voluntary Sector Representative
  • Prof Robert Allison – Higher Education Representative
  • Shabir Ismail – Further Education Representative

LLEP/Council Officers:

  • Mandip Rai – LLEP Director
  • David Wright – LLEP
  • Colin Sharpe – Leicester City Council


  • Helen Mitchell – Cities and Local Growth Unit
  • Melanie Phythian – Cities and Local Growth Unit

The Programme Board meets quarterly.

A full list of agendas and minutes are available here.

For more information please contact Jason Tyler, Democratic Support Officer at Leicester City Council (the Accountable Body) on 0116 454 6359.

You can download the Programme Board Members’ Declarations of Interest below.

Declarations of Interest

Allison R – LLEP DoI (73.00 KB)
Ismail S – LLEP DoI (68.60 KB)
Liles K – LLEP DoI (70.71 KB)
Purnell T – LLEP DoI (69.59 KB)
Smith A – LLEP DoI (74.05 KB)
Dalzell M – Sub for A Smith (75.31 KB)
Driver L – Sub for T Purnell (67.53 KB)
Hancock V – sub for S Ismail (286.12 KB)