The LLEP Executive is responsible for overseeing and managing LLEP operations on behalf of the LLEP Board. It consists of senior officers of the organisations represented on the Board and its main roles include: ongoing development and implementation of the Strategic Economic Plan, strategically directing the LLEP team’s activity, approving communications and engagement activity, providing assurance for all operational resources and advising the Board, approving all key LLEP decisions that go to the LLEP Board for approval.

Named participants in the LLEP Executive are as follows:

  • Mandip Rai – LLEP Director – Chair
  • David Wright – LLEP Head of Programmes
  • Geoff Parker – Leicestershire District Councils
  • Helen Mitchell – Cities and Local Growth Unit
  • Iain Gillespie – Universities
  • Kevan Liles – Voluntary Sector
  • Mike Durban – LLEP Head of Strategy
  • Phil Coyne – Leicester City Council
  • Scott Knowles – East Midlands Chamber (DNL)
  • Shabir Ismail – FE Colleges
  • Tom Purnell – Leicestershire County Council

For more information please contact Jason Tyler, Democratic Support Officer at Leicester City Council (the Accountable Body) on 0116 454 6359.