We endeavour to maintain a constant flow of relevant and timely communication with the public and our stakeholders through newsletters, social media, PR and on-line.

Our 2016/17 communications report is available to download below.

LLEP Business Gateway

Similarly our business growth service arm, the LLEP Business Gateway is able to offer support and information on business growth. Click the link above to see more.

Working with Partners

We work with partners and other organisations in many different ways, whether this is jointly delivering a project, or allocating grants or funding for example.

We encourage everyone to proactively promote and publicise their work to gain maximum benefit from positive publicity. We have, therefore, developed a communications protocol which sets out guidelines on what is expected of all partners to ensure that all parties involved are informed and involved.

This was approved by the LLEP Executive in June 2016 and is available to download below (updated July 2018).


For more information about LLEP communications, please contact Jackie Ledger Communications Manager on 0116 454 2924


Communications Protocol July 2018 v8 (360.92 KB)
Communications report 2016/17 (3.64 MB)